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                          Exhibition | AME Clothing Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition | Coltex
                          May 07, 2023
                          AME Clothing Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition
                          Exhibition time: May 7-9, 2023
                          Exhibition location: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)
                          Booth number: 1.1H Hall 915
                          FESPA Germany 2023 Global Print Expo | Xenons
                          April 20, 2023
                          Welcome to meet us at Germany Fespa/ XENONS NEW technology
                          Exhibition time :23-26 May,2023
                          Both No.:A1-C8    B1-A80
                          Exhibition Review | KTPIE Successfully Ends, Observing the Production Capacity Breakthrough and Intelligent Mature Application of Xiangcai Coltex in t
                          April 19, 2023
                          On April 13, 2023, the 2023 International Textile Printing Industry Exhibition successfully concluded at the Shaoxing New International Expo Center. Wuhan Yili Technology, along with five high-performance digital printing equipment and diversified fabric
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                          Xenons is the world class digital inkjet printer manufacturer and total solutions supplier. As one of the largest printing engine supplier, Xenons offers the unique system plus customized digital inkjet solutions.Powered by EPSON, RICOH, TOSHIBA, SEIKO,KONICA MINOLTA, FUJIFILM DIMATIX, KYOCERA.
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